Environmental Health

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Environmental Health staff conducts on-site septic and water system inspections, administers public health programs addressing recreational vehicle parks, public swimming pools, solid waste facilities, and nuisance complaint investigation. All information on this website is general in nature and is not intended to be used as a substitute for appropriate professional advise. For more information please call (509) 427 - 3900.

Environmental Health & Building Fee Schedule

Food Safety

Lowers the incidence of foodborne illness through inspection, education, enforcement, epidemiological investigation and plan review of retail food service establishments, Food Handlers Cards, temporary food establishment licenses.

Water Program

Water Quality, Drinking Water, and Water Recreation facilities: Protects the public from waterborne illness associated with failing on-site sewage systems and other water quality related hazards. Protects drinking water supplies and enforces and monitors laws regulating public and private water supplies.

On-Site Sewage

Protects public health from the adverse effects of failing on-site sewage systems by reducing or limiting the impact of on-site sewage disposal on drinking, ground, and surface waters, as well as reducing the risk of the public's exposure to untreated on-site sewage.

Living Environment

Protects and promotes the health and safety of Skamania County residents by addressing environmental concerns other than food, water, sewage, and solid/hazardous waste.

Solid & Hazardous Waste

Ensures the safe handling of solid and hazardous wastes in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations and plans with a focus on pollution prevention, waste minimization, reuse, recycling, licenses, inspections, new reviews, and nuisance complaint investigations.