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Jury Duty

Jury duty is an essential element of our judicial system in America. Trial by jury is provided as a constitutional right. Jury Duty is one of the privileges of citizenship in the United States. Jurors are selected at random from a Master List generated in Olympia, Washington according to the state law.


The Master List is a combination of eligible Skamania County residents ages 18 and over from the driver’s license list, voter registration list, and State Identicard holder’s list. The law affecting eligible jurors in Washington State was changed in 1994 to include all three lists.


Summons are sent to prospective jurors approximately 30 days prior to the two-week term. The prospective juror is required to complete the questionnaire and return the profile portion as soon as possible – within 5 days. The summons will be divided into two parts. The potential juror is to complete Part A, sign and date, and return by refolding the double sided form. Please detach and retain Part B. Bring Part B to jury service. The date to the right of the instructions on Part B will list the first date of the two-week term and the date to attend. Jurors will be instructed to call the recorder the evening before the date to attend for further instructions. If your date to attend is a Monday, you may call the recorder the previous weekend to hear a message of your requirement to attend.

Length of Service

The term of service is two weeks. The start date of the term will be listed on the summons. This date is also your date to attend.

Disqualification from Jury Duty

A juror is not qualified to serve if any of the following is true:

  • The individual is less than 18 years of age.
  • The individual is not a citizen of the United States
  • The individual is not a resident of Skamania County
  • The individual is not able to communicate in the English language
  • The individual has been convicted of a felony and is currently under active supervision (community custody) by the Washington State Dept of Corrections.

Requesting Excuse or Reschedule of Jury Duty

Please return your juror profile as soon as possible, noting any days during the two-week term you would not be able to report due to critical appointments or work or school schedules. We hope by shortening the term, and assigning one potential trial to report for, jurors will be able to serve in the term in which they are called. No further notices will be sent regarding a date to report under the summons. Jurors will be instructed by the recorded message or by viewing the Jury Assignment page. Your request for deferment, exemption or excusal should be indicated by returning your juror profile as quickly as possible to allow accurate scheduling. If you have already been granted a permanent excuse, please indicate on the juror profile the approximate date you were granted the excusal. Sign and return the juror profile. If you have an age-related request to be excused, you need not get a doctor’s slip. Please complete the questionnaire, noting a brief description validating your request. If you need assistance with your questionnaire or have questions about the form, please call the Clerk’s Office during our business hours at (509) 427-3770.