Communicable Disease

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Our Communicable Disease nurses work to identify and control the spread of communicable diseases (those diseases that can be spread from person-to-person or from animals – to –humans). Consultation, investigation and reporting of communicable disease are done along with partner notification.

We respond to potential outbreaks as well as work to prevent the future spread of disease through immunization, harm reduction programs and education. There are many factors that contribute to the spread of infectious diseases: changes in sexual behavior, drug abuse, increased travel and migration and poor access to preventable clinical services. Health care providers are responsible for reporting over 60 notifable conditions. Washington law requires reporting of selected disease and conditions to local health authorities (RCW 43.20.050). Laboratories must report over 25 communicable disease (WAC 246-101). Suspected or confirmed cases should be reported within specific timeframes -immediately, within 3 working days, within one month.

Tuberculosis (TB) testing is done on Mondays and Tuesdays.

To report any Notifiable Conditions call Community Health at (509)427-3850, ask to speak to a public health nurse. For after hours reports please contact the 24 hour crisis line at (509)427-3850.